Dmitry Klokov and Vasily
Polovnikov Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

You can expect an intensive introduction to the Russian training system as experienced first hand and taught by Klokov and Polovnikov. It is a system that has been developed for generations and continues to grow and develop today, constantly being updated and refined with the latest advancements in training and technology. All attendees can expect to lift and work hard throughout the seminar while receiving specific coaching and instructions from Dmitri Klokov and Vasiliy Polovnikov.

Both beginners and advanced lifters can expect to benefit from the hands on approach and guidance these world class athletes will provide. The cornerstone of the seminar and the Russian system is technique. Each seminar will focus heavily on proper technique in the Olympic lifts and a variety of accessory lifts. The goal is for each athlete to leave with a better understanding of how to progress as a lifter as quickly and safely as possible.

You can also expect Dmitri and Vasiliy to put on a show while demonstrating several of the lifts throughout the seminar. There will also be a discussion on training, programming, nutrition, their experiences in the sport, and what it takes to be elite at the international level.

Expect to work hard, ask questions and learn!

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