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So you may be asking yourself, are all CF boxes [gyms] the same, and the answer to this is no. All CrossFit facilities are individually owned and operated. This is one of the key aspects to making CF The Taj so different! At CF The Taj, we pride ourselves on Stellar Coaching, Facilities, and Relationships with our members.

So what makes CrossFit The Taj so different? We start with our values and how we recognize our staff and coaches. When you sign on to join the team at CFT as a staff member, you notice a difference from other employers. We treat our employees with the utmost respect, when you're here, you're family. We employ 12+ coaches at CFT and all have a passion for what they do, changing lives for the better through the CrossFit method of training.

You will notice some things that set us apart from other boxes as soon as you have your first visit to CF The Taj. Our Concept and Business model was designed and put into place from its inception to current day by Michael Bradley, owner of CF The Taj. Our business model focuses first on hiring the best staff, to provide our members and clients with the best training possible. We hire individuals who have a passion for fitness, who are goal oriented and driven, and individuals who desire to not only see their self succeed, but wish to see others succeed as well. From there we focus on our facilities, services, and experience.

The first difference that you will notice about our facilities, in addition to our fantastic coaches, is the layout and amenities. We have the regular scrapes and bruises on our walls and floors, and the usual chalk markings that are always present in a box. We also offer the following in addition to your "normal" box offerings:

+ Full Service Locker Rooms with Showers, Overnight Lockers, Laundry Service, Sauna, Steam, etc.
+ Full time massage therapist on staff that can be booked for 30m up to 90m.
+ Complimentary Bottled Water & Infused Water with access to our kitchen(s) and VIP Lounge.
+ Complimentary Towel Service
+ Wodify member tracking and journal.
+ Complimentary Mobility/Yoga Classes.
+ Dedicated O-Lifting Area.
+ Via Prive Athletic Clothing Sold in house.
+ Paleo Power Meals.
+ Open Gym from 5:30 am - 8:30 pm at our Downtown Box

** We are a private club, We allow athletes ages 18+ and we can refer younger athletes to terrific CF kids/teens programs in the area if needed. We do not allow pets or animals in our facilities, we love them, but they are not for the box.

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